It is important to us that our production and procedure is as transparent as possible.

If you have any additional question please don’t hesitate to contact us and send us your personal question to

Question How long do I have to wait for my product?
AnswerGenerally production takes about 12 days and shipping additionally between 1 and 3 days, depending on shipment country and material. Please note the holiday season special delivery and production disclaimer below.

NOTE: Holiday Season has especially long production and shipping times. Holiday Cutoff: Shipping to Europe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico

Economy:  29th of November

Priority: 3rd of December

Question Can I return my product?
AnswerBecause of the nature of production (each of our pieces is customized and produced specifically for you!) it is not possible to return the purchased goods. If you have received a faulty product we will of course replace it. Unfortunately the shipping cost of any return needs to be covered by you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more detail.
Question How about cancelling my order?
AnswerOf course you can also cancel your order. Because we produce our jewellery specifically on request only, cancellation needs to happen within 24 hours. For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions.
Question What is my ring size?
AnswerWe created a size guide with a printable stencil, for you to find out your perfect size.
Question My product is changing it's colour, what can I do?
AnswerYour jewelries appearance can change because of different reasons, depending on the type of metal. Already the contact to air can tarnish the material. Mechanical impact can also alter the appearance, always treat your jewellery carefully as it is a fine product.

You can prepare your Gold and Rose-Gold product a bath of 10 parts water and 2 parts dish soap and wait for a couple of hours. Dry and polish gently with a soft cloth, ideally micro fibre.

There is a smart little trick to almost recover the appearance of your silver product: Take a small bowl, cover it with aluminium foil, place your jewellery inside the bowl, sprinkle some baking soda over it and fill up the bowl with boiling water. After just a few minutes all tarnishing should be gone. Dry and polish gently with a soft cloth, ideally micro fibre.

Question What are the countries we cannot ship to?

AC Ascension Islands
AQ Antarctica
BV Bouvet Island
CC Cocos (Keeling) Islands
CU Cuba
CX Christmas Island
EH Western Sahara
ER Eritrea
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
GQ Equatorial Guinea
GS South Georgia & South Sandwich Is.
HM Heard and McDonald Islands
IO British Indies Chagos
IR Islamic Republic of Iran
KP Korea, North
MI Midway
MM Myanmar
NR Nauru
NU Niue
PC Caroline Islands
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon
PN Pitcairn
RU Russian Federation
SD Sudan
SH Saint Helena
SO Somalia
SS South Sudan
ST Sao Tome and Principe
SY Syrian Arab Republic
TF French Southern Territories
TK Tokelau
TM Turkmenistan
WK Wake Island